Feel free to email us: Info@cityofgolinda.org

City Hall

Doyle Parks, Mayor

7039 Golinda Drive
Golinda 76655

(p) 254-881-2100
(c) 432-264-8024

Post Offices

76655, Lorena, Texas

76632, Chilton, Texas

Fire Department

Quincy Lee, Fire Chief

7021 Golinda Drive
Golinda 76655        

(p) 254-855-9642

Law Enforcement

Falls County Sheriffs Department
(p) 254-803-2912
(p) 254-883-1431

McLennan County Sheriffs Department
(p) 254-757-5222

Water Department

Golinda Water Supply

6658 Golinda Drive
Golinda 76655

(p) 254-881-2018


Payments can be received at city hall on the 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of each month from 2pm to 5pm. Payments can also be dropped 24 hours a day, in the drop box located in the front of City Hall. City offices are open on Tuesdays from 9:00am - 5:00pm.



Falls County Court House
Elections Administrator
Nicket N. Taylor

P.O. Box 810 Marlin 76661

(p) 254-883-1521
(f) 254-804-0044



Elections Administrator
Kathy E. Van Wolfe

P.O. Box 2450 Waco 76703

(p) 254-757-5043

School Districts

Chilton ISD

905 Durango Ave
Chilton 76632

(p) 254-546-1200


Robinson ISD

500 W. Lyndale
Robinson 76706

(p) 254-662-0194

Electric Issues


For On-Cor power outages, or customer issues.

Contact On-Cor