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I have several areas to address in this post. First of all, let me tell you that the council and I were very pleased at the turnout for last months council meeting. As you recall, we were to discuss the best way forward for our fair city regarding our economic situation. I am happy to report that the general consensus was that we simply learn to operate on the limited amount of funds that are available to us at any given point in time. In other words we will operate using the theory of “poor boys have poor ways”, a principle not unknown to myself and a number of you as well, I suspect. We will continue to have our City Hall open on Tuesday of each week, this includes keeping the city secretary on staff. It will mean that we may not be able to repair your favorite pot hole immediately or cut the weeds along your street every week or so, however, it does not mean that we will never be able to perform these duties. We will all need to have some patience and understanding. On the good news-bad news front this morning, we received our sales tax revenue check from the State today. It was for $824.00. On the good news front, Oncor dropped by this morning with their annual franchise fee check in the amount of $12,000+. This deposit will push our bank account to just over $80,000. It sounds like a nice amount but it does not go far in running our city services. It does insure us that we can continue to function as an incorporated city for the next several years, as long as we keep a tight belt. As some of you are already aware, we have had a couple of thefts in town withing the past couple of weeks. A refrigerated air conditioning unit (compressor) was stolen from a vacant home of west Central and a go cart was taken from the side yard of a home on Elkins. If you have any information regarding these thefts, please call me at City Hall or at my home. You have probably noticed that we mowed our streets last week. Before we could get the crew together and ready to mow, someone unknown to me, had already mowed the Woodland area. They did a very good job of also. Probably a little better than we had been doing it. Whomever you are, thank you very much. This is the kind of good neighbor attitude that will keep our city alive and going well into the future. We did have a dog bite incident this past week. Thank goodness it did not result in any permanent physical damage. The incident was entirely preventable had the dog, one that had been reported on several times in the past year for being aggressive, been properly penned and/or restrained. I sent a copy of our animal ordinance to every address in town last year. If you do not have your copy, please come by City Hall on any Tuesday and pick up a copy. The City Council is fed up with citizens blatantly ignoring the fact that their dogs are not allowed to run free, for any reason, at any time. We do not care if you just let them out once or twice a day to do their business, they will not be allowed off a leash or other method of restraint. The city has been very lenient in this regard in the past, but because of this recent incident we will not be lenient in the future. If you have a dog or dogs and do not have a fenced yard, I strongly encourage you to build one or get rid of your dogs. Also, it goes without saying that all animals are required to have their vaccinations current and their tags displayed on their collars. I mentioned at our last meeting how much we, the council, appreciates all of you for keeping and maintaining your yards and property so nice. A large number of you mow your yards right up to the street and this saves us a lot of money when it comes to the city doing the mowing. Keep up the good work it has not gone unnoticed. Update on our new Dollar General store. They are waiting for final approval from the DOT for their driveway plan. The Golinda Water Corp. is waiting on their payment for a meter to begin installation of the water meter. It is getting closer, I believe we will see it open before Christmas. Cross your fingers. The Council did not make their annual contribution to Meals on Wheels at our last meeting due to the fact that we do not have anyone in town receiving the meals. It seems to me that there is surely someone in our town needing this service if we only knew who they are. If you, or if you know someone, wanting to use this great service please contact Meals on Wheels or one of us at City Hall.

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