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I have called a special meeting for Tuesday, June 30th to address residential concerns about recent flooding in our community.

I received several calls from both Briar Lane and Brooks Circle voicing concerns with flooding or potential flooding. My visit to the area resulted in the belief that something needs to be done about the lack of drainage facilities in Golinda. It is my hope that we can get enough concerned citizens involved so that we may not only visit about this issue, but take some definite steps to improve the current situation. This will probably result in some ditching, culvert cleaning and/or replacement, performing remedial land work to eliminate current drainage blockage, resulting in small lakes of water with limited drainage. This can not only result in potential flooding but also enhances the mosquito environment.

Please join me at city hall at 7:00 p.m. on the 30th to help your city council find the necessary remedies for this situation.

In other matters, it has been brought to my attention that we have several citizens using a garbage pick-up company other than TES. TES holds an exclusive contract with the city and is the only trash pick-up company authorized to operate in Golinda. They pay a rebate for this right and it is not fair to use a trash company that does not pay the city a fee nor have a contract to operate here. If you have been using someone other than TES, please stop their pick-up. If you want to subscribe to a trash pick-up service, please call TES and get set up for service.

The Golinda Volunteer Fire Department is holding a fund raiser by selling fireworks at the fire station now through the 4th of July. Please come by and support your local fire fighters.


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